We had this old, boring builder grade towel rack in our master bathroom that we have wanted to swap out for a while. My wife found unique hardware at Anthropologie that she really liked, and she thought the knobs may work well for a towel rack. So I built it.

Here’s how the build turned out. It’s really not that difficult – the only tricky part is routing the decorative edge which adds character.

We hope you enjoy the plan. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

DIY Towel Rack

Step 1: Cut board to size

I used a mitre saw to cut the 1×4 board to 29″. Be sure to consider the appropriate size for your space and adjust as needed.

Step 2: Rout the edges (optional)

I used a handheld router to round out all four edges of the board. This step is optional but certainly adds character.

Here’s the router bit that I used (as Berkeley in the background intently watches).

Step 3: Measure and drill holes for the knobs

The next step involves finding where to insert each knob. First, measure the board into 3 sections equal in length. Then, for each section, find the middle and mark the spot using a pencil.

Use a power drill with a bit to create a hole for each knob. Make sure the size of the hole is just right for the size of the knob you plan to use.

Step 4: Paint

I used Valspar pure white paint with a high gloss. It took 3 coats to get the solid look I wanted.

Step 5: Mount to the wall

Because the knobs stick out the backside of the board, I used a drill bit to pilot holes in the wall where the knobs pass through when mounted. This ensures the board is flush against the wall.

To secure the board to the wall, I used a nail gun with 2.5″ brad nails. I found two studs in the wall using a stud finder and ensured the nails went directly into them.

After nailing to the wall, I did have to touch up marks left by the nails. To do this, I covered the nails using wood filler, lighted sanded, and then applied another two coats of paint. This did the trick.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this simple plan. Be sure to leave me a comment or share your version with me.

These materials are specific to my design and space requirements. Please adjust the materials you need per your space design.

Item Size Quantity
1x4 Board 3ft 1
Hardware knobs N/A 3
Brad nails 2.5" Handful
This cutlist is specific to my design and space requirements. Please adjust the cutlist per your space design.

Item Cut Dimensions Quantity
1x4 Board 29" 1

Please share your feedback or post your questions on how to tailor this plan to your specific space below. Happy building.

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