Want to know what’s in my shop? No problem. Here’s a list of the tools that I use. You won’t find a tool listed here that it is not in my shop.

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Used to rout into wood

router is used to carve out specific parts of the face of a wood piece. Routers are commonly used to create decorative wood trim and to carve out wood for other practical purposes.

Mitre Saw

Used to make quick, accurate crosscuts in wood at specific angles.

A mitre saw was one the first tools that I purchased when I first started to experiment with woodworking because I worked on fairly small projects that required repetitive crosscuts. It remains one of the most used tools in my shop.

Table Saw

Used to cut and trim wood pieces.

A table saw is a versatile tool used to make a variety of cuts in wood.

Scroll Saw

Used to make curvature cuts in wood

A scroll saw is used to make intricate cuts in wood.

Jig Saw

Used to make irregular cuts in wood and other materials.

A jig saw is a versatile tool. I purchased a jig saw when I first started to experiment with cutting curves in wood. It remains a tool that I goto when I need to make a freeform cut that doesn’t lend itself well for other saws.

Kreg Jig

Used to make quick, accurate pocket holes for joining pieces of wood.

Most woodworking projects require wood to be joined. Traditional methods of doing this require high skill and a lot of time. The Kreg Jig is an incredible tool for speeding up the process of accurately joining workpieces while creating very strong joints.

Kreg Screws

Special screws for the Kreg Jig

Once you fall in love with the Kreg Jig, you’re going to need a lot of these bad boys.


Used to secure wood pieces when working with them

Clamps are used in a variety of ways to secure both wood pieces and tools when working with them.

Kreg Clamps

Used to clamp workpieces when joining them.

Clamping workpieces when working with them is necessary to ensure high quality builds. Kreg offers a variety accessories and tools for joining, clamping, and routing wood. Shown is the Kreg face clamp.

Power Drill

Used to bore holes in wood or fasten materials together.

I use cordless power drills probably more than any other tool in my shop. I also have a corded power drill for more power.

Stud Finder

Used to find locations of stud in walls.

Remember when you’re grandpa had a knack for tapping on walls with his knuckle to find studs? In the modern era, we have these sophisticated devices for finding studs for us.


Used to ensure work products are level

You need a good level to ensure what wood pieces are level when drilling or mounting them to other objects.

Tape Measure

Used to measure lenghts

Invest in a good tape measure because you’re going to use it for every project.

Nail Gun

Used to join wood pieces when normal wood screws won’t due

A nail gun is a tool for efficiently and consistently inserting nails into wood to join two pieces. Nail guns are particularly nice when the work requires repetitive actions.

Router Bits

Used for different routing designs and cuts

You need a good collection of router bits to create rabbits, beads, and other types of cuts in wood.


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